Innovation Strategy & Support for Pioneers


Who need to initiate an innovation led transformation project.


Who need to deeply understand an opportunity or catalyse a turnaround.


Who have truly novel innovation but can’t get traction with investors.

Is it time to make a change?

The amount of novel innovation I see on a day to day basis is staggering. What’s even more staggering is how much of it goes unnoticed because the uniqueness of  people and projects isn’t fully understood.

But this is only half the battle, as the gravity of what it might mean to pivot and disrupt the culture of the organisation and the market is the ultimate barrier to traction once the reality of that discomfort is felt on an emotional level.

This is understandable as it’s your duty to protect and preserve the vision and mission of the organisation. You are also duty bound to serve the best interests of stakeholders, however this often translates into protecting and preserving the status quo which isn’t serving anyone’s best interests. From my experience this pattern almost always results in an emergent culture of extreme risk aversion leading to absolutely zero constructive innovation because any form of challenge is subconsciously perceived as a threat. Within a culture like this the team will eventually give up on new ideas as there is no point if they know their ideas will never get traction, or even cause friction.

When we lean into the discomfort caused by innovation together, you will not only feel instant relief, you will begin to see and feel what the future can look like beyond the horizon. This is the same experience your team will have once they complete their initiation and begin reimagining their future as a team. This is a significant event you and they will always remember which often creates a profound sense of belonging.

My gift is getting to the absolute essence of what makes something or someone unique and combining them in novel ways to create potent innovation that will catapult you forward and shatter any glass ceilings you may have preventing you from seeing what’s possible. Working with you and your team I can translate your new vision into parallel complimentary paths and plot shared missions that will seamlessly phase in and out over time to embed a culture of innovation ongoing without disruption. This means your organisation will come unstuck and begin to value innovation with ideas and viable concepts flowing like water once more.

You don’t have to carry the burden of your transition alone. When you’re ready for your initiation, give me a call.

Talk soon,

David Ding




Opportunities are infinite, with no beginning or ending in sight.


Possibilities are distilled opportunities where we can envisage an ending that makes us curious.


Probabilities are distilled possibilities where we can envisage a viable ending that gets the electrons jangling.


Motion happens once we have constrained the formless into form, with a deterministic beginning, middle and ending to give it the time and space to exist in 3 dimensions.