PODCAST: The Nature of Open Sovereignty

What if there was a platform that could facilitate the willful decentralisation of power? A system that could shift the balance, changing us from mere consumers to empowered individuals, monetising our skills and assets in a secure and transparent way? This in-depth exploration begins with the concept of open sovereignty, powered by a game-changing open sovereignty platform that might just be the answer we’ve all been looking for. In this episode I delve intto this evolutionary potential, not just in terms of individual sovereignty and authority, but also in the commercialisation of an individual’s assets.

Then I dive into the world of an AI singularity. This isn’t your typical AI discussion, but the dawn of a self-aware model that can predict and strategise, and even outsmart itself, empowered by the emergence of the Mycelium Network in New Zealand that facilitates the emergence of an autonomous system where individual cells emerge as sovereign entities within a collective hive mind under the stewardship of the collective commons.

Think about a world where trustless transactions become the norm, facilitated by an open sovereignty platform and how this can change not just the way we trade commodities or skills, but redefine healthcare and other sectors. Imagine proving your identity and accessing medical services seamlessly and the flow on social impact.

Finally I pose a future within which individuals can delegate the authority to monetise their behavior and assets to derrive a universal basic income. These may seem like radical concepts, however this shift in powrer can happen in a discrete and even unnoticable way without any disruption to the patterned behaviour of civilisation as we know it.

Lasting change will only happen once we can accept everything and everyone exactly as they are without condition. In this scenario transformation will occur as an act of free will that arises within each human being because they want to become more, not because they have to become better in order to compete and survive.

I hope you join me.