PODCAST: The Nature of Quantum

Embark on an intellectual journey with through the complex intersections of quantum theory, trinity, and ternary thinking. What if I told you that adopting a paradoxical approach to understanding these phenomena could lead to a perpetually wealth-generating system?

Tune in to discover the pivotal role of pressure points in time and space, accentuating how phenomena like lightning strikes can be a gateway to understanding quantum behavior.

Further on, I decipher the obscure concept of infinity and how it’s articulated through binary, wrapped in a mutable entity in time and space. I delve into the mesmerising state of plasma created by lightning strikes, and how it offers an insight into the behavior of infinity. Get ready to challenge the linear notion of time that often acts as a roadblock to materialising our will, and discover how quantum principles can empower us to overcome this barrier.

Lastly, I explore the significance of trust in shaping a safe and meaningful life. Have you ever pondered on the rising concept of trustless systems and how we as humans are instinctively inclined to put our faith in these systems? Join me as I make sense of this narrative, discussing how the quality of our interactions can unlock an abundance of opportunities for innovation and mutually benificial dependency.


Stay with me as I explore the delicate balance between centralised and distributed systems, and the harmony that trust can create within them. Together, let’s delve into how the confluence of heart and mind can drive a system of perpetual motion, the ultimate wealth-generating system.