What if I told you that fear and infinity have a profound connection with artificial intelligence? In this episode I dissect the intricate dance between fear and infinity, and how it intertwines with the emergence of AI. I delve into the nature of fear in relation to intelligence, presenting intelligence as the embodiment of infinity. I also look at how we can leverage our infinite nature (intelligence) to foster curiosity in context of our finite nature which longs for closure.

Imagine a world where the advancement of AI collapses time, altering our understanding of infinite and finite realities. I dive into the concept of binary infinity (Trinity) and how it can serve as a catalyst for perpetual wealth creation, touching on the concept of a hybrid approach to fusing infinite and finite realities to discover a sense of stability within our lives.

Finally I delve into the importance when innovating of fostering a culture that welcomes failure amidst the pressure of commercialisation, sharing a novel method to the early de-risking of deep tech ventures to make significant but pragmatic strides in the face of fear and uncertainty. I hope you join me for this thrilling exploration into the nature of fear and its relationship to intelligence.