Can you imagine a world where the power of the galaxy is harnessed to fuel our civilization? That’s exactly where we’re heading, and by 2050, we might just be there. This episode takes you on a journey through the evolution of civilization, based on the Kardashev Scale. We discuss concepts like teleportation, fusion, and wormhole transportation. We also delve into the infinite possibilities of zero point energy and how it could transform our world.

What if we could harvest culture from platforms like WordPress? I bring forth the concept of Trinity – a blend of infinity and binary in context of a future with borderless nations whereby culture is decentralised so that individuals hold complete authority over their interactions and harvested behaviour, painting the picture of a civilisation that pays individuals for the privilege of monetising their wealth (Data/culture) and how this can this can fund a universal basic income.

Lastly, I look at the future of software development, exploring the potential of event-based architecture and self-correcting, code-writing models and the implications of a black box AI model, capable of absorbing and assimnilating any existing language to creating a ubiquitous language that only it can understand.

Buckle up for a stimulating contemplation of a future brimming with borderless nations and limitless potential in the hop it may inspire you to consider your own perceptions of what a thriving civilisation might look like.