PODCAST: The Nature of Autonomy (PART 2)

Ever wondered what it’s like to have a paid job with a guaranteed income that provides an opportunity to have full autonomy? In this episode I explore the combination of autonomy and consentual intervention and how this can work within an organisation that takes a portfolio approach to appreciating its talent and other assets.

I then explore the world of portfolio management and how a fund of funds that adheres to a principle of principles can enable each fund within the portfolio to ride the stormy waves of market fluctuations specific to its industry.

In this engaging narrative, I bring my personal experiences to the fore, recounting my journey of designing and building autonomous teams using this approach.

Finally I look at how to collaboratively design and agree standards in context of a portfolio approach to running a business unit and how this can catalyse a thriving autonomous culture without having to initiate or contend with radical change.

Gear up for this enlightening discussion that will likely change the way you perceive the nature of autonomy for the better.